Backdrop designs for Scotland Tonight

I’ve been working on virtual set designs for most of the past year, but recently had the opportunity to work on a printed backdrop design for a set design by Toby Kalitowski at BK Design Projects. The new set was for STV’s Scotland Tonight, which broadcasts from their studios in Glasgow. The backdrops depict an […]

Sky Sports F1, The F1 Show digital backdrop

As I don’t often get to show my designs as spaces that the camera can move through, I have begun rendering clips from within the digital set models that do just that. These will appear in an updated showreel. This particular clip is a little too slow and ponderous for a showreel, so I’ve added […]

V-Ray Digital Environments in Looper

Kevin Baillie of Atomic Fiction talks about using V-Ray¬† renderer in their digital effects work on a number of recent films, including some very impressive digital environments for Looper. Scroll to 1 min 55 seconds to get straight to the Looper digital environments, but the rest of the interview is also worth viewing. The interview […]

ITV Daybreak

ITV Daybreak relaunched this morning. The set designs are by BDA, whilst I worked with them to prepare the world outside the “windows”. I will follow up with some non-blurred versions and some of the design development images later on this week.

3D Forests

As an artist, every now and then you need to pull your socks up and catch up not only with the competition, but also the tools you use each day. I had one of these mini-epiphanies late last year after winning a comission to prepare a set of images for a new development set in […]