Sky Sports News HQ – Animated LED wall and lightboxes

Screen grabs of one of my latests projects, a set of animated, and still backdrops for Sky Sports News HQ, which relaunched with a new set on August 12th. The scene is based on designs initially prepared by Jago Design (formerly BDA) and portrays a much more open architecture than my previous design from 2011.

The architectural details and lighting within the scene are a direct continuation of the designs for the physical studio and newsroom spaces.





Sky Sports News studio backdrop extensions

Sky Sports SNAP 1  Sky Sports SNAP 3

Another project for Sky Sports that I worked on over the summer was a set of extensions to the studio backdrops in the main Sky Sports News studio. New camera angles for this upgraded portion of set required a direct extension to one of the spaces in the existing, lightbox based scene. The existing scene had concluded with a solid wall at the edge of the lightbox. For the extension, I had to engineer a way of not only extending the space, but of balancing the lighting and materials between two different conditions.

An additional area of studio backdrop was required for an expanse of wall surface to camera right. A cluster of doors within this area of wall precluded the use of lightboxes and so the backdrops had to be applied as front-lit prints – a different lighting technique and a different printer to the main scene. To further complicate the design, this new area of studio backdrop had to visually coordinate with the existing studio backdrops despite it’s perspective being generated from a point within the new set, whilst the perspective for the original scene is generated from a point in front of the main desk. From the actual camera position (to the left of the photograph shown here) the perspective for the two spaces integrates perfectly.

Set Design: Toby Kalitowski
Photography: Jaap Oepkes