Lightwell Reel (2013) – Virtual Set Design and Studio Backdrops

The Lightwell 2013 show reel, also added to the portfolio

Sky Sports F1, The F1 Show digital backdrop

As I don’t often get to show my designs as spaces that the camera can move through, I have begun rendering clips from within the digital set models that do just that. These will appear in an updated showreel. This particular clip is a little too slow and ponderous for a showreel, so I’ve added […]

Classic F1 cars within Sky Sports F1 Show backgrounds

Key to the historic F1 cars within Sky Sports F1 Show background environments. Whilst developing the designs for digital sets for the F1 Show on Sky Sports Formula 1 Channel it was always a given that we would be showing F1 cars, but there was some discussion as to which cars we would include. It […]

Sky Sports Formula 1 HD

The new Sky Sports Formula 1 HD launches today and as well as having probably the longest channel name in television, it lauches with the Formula 1 show featuring my latest digital set. The show starts at 8pm, I’ll follow up with grabs after the weekend and then add further details of the designs development […]