Lightwell Reel (2013) – Virtual Set Design and Studio Backdrops

The Lightwell 2013 show reel, also added to the portfolio

ITV News VR Newsroom

Earlier today, ITV launched an entire re-brand of its channels and programmes which included ITV News from ITN.  I worked with ITN’s in-house computer graphics department to create the virtual newsroom space that can be seen beyond the glazing of the virtual set. Although I have produced designs for VR sets before, these digital sets […]

Daybreak – From concept to final design

ITV re-launched Daybreak, their breakfast show at the beginning of September, 2012. With just over ten weeks until launch, I began working with the set designers at BDA to prepare the views for the six plasma screens that would be acting as windows within the new set. After an early false start along a soon […]

ITV Daybreak

ITV Daybreak relaunched this morning. The set designs are by BDA, whilst I worked with them to prepare the world outside the “windows”. I will follow up with some non-blurred versions and some of the design development images later on this week.