Backdrop designs for Scotland Tonight

I’ve been working on virtual set designs for most of the past year, but recently had the opportunity to work on a printed backdrop design for a set design by Toby Kalitowski at BK Design Projects. The new set was for STV’s Scotland Tonight, which broadcasts from their studios in Glasgow.

Pic Courtesy STV Press Office
Pic Courtesy STV Press Office
Pic Courtesy STV Press Office

The backdrops depict an stylised interior, and make extensive use of glass, and reflective surfaces. The scene is composed to provide the multiple opportunities to frame shots, whether they were wides or closely framed singles. To complicate matters, the scene makes extensive use of linear perspective, but is displayed on a curved surface. By a combination of different techniques, the scene artwork was provided pre-curved, so that installation would effectively de-curve the scene as it was applied to the lightboxes.

The new look went live on Monday, so I can now share some photos provided from the set.

Bakcdrops: Lightwell
Set Design: Toby Kalitowski
Set Build: Scott Fleary

Backdrop build: 3DS Max + Vray render

Architecture as Backdrop – Chanel No.5 and Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI

I am always fascinated when architecture appears as a setting or even a prop in films and advertising. Scroll through to the segment between 18 and 20 seconds and you will find a shot of the iconic Chanel No.5 perfume with Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI building as backdrop. Even though, as an architect I am incredibly familiar with this buildings design, it is always interesting to see a new interpretation of something from a fresh viewpoint. The architectural profession tends to stick with shots from a strictly horizontal viewpoint, achieved through shift lenses or simply keeping the camera parallel to the ground plane. These things don’t matter to the cinematographer, the results are more dynamic and abstract.

For further information and images of the MAXXI, visit the Zaha Hadid Architects website.