Sony Intelligence Gathered TV ad.

A TV ad for Sony caught my eye recently because it features scenes within a control room, a constant and necessary component in my designs for TV studios. The ad, part of a wider, Skyfall related campaign by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland   is designed to showcase Sony’s technology, particularly their Bravia screens. The space itself is simple in terms of its design and detail, but makes maximum use of minimal lighting and the quality of the surfaces on the walls and floor. A desk, five Eames chairs and a chandelier comprise the only non-tech, and therefore non-Sony objects within the scene.

The chandelier is a nice touch. It is anachronous and indulgent and within the world of Bond suggests a villain! The four chairs positioned below the screen seem unnecessary and detract from the power of the main desk and its occupant. Is the woman the boss, or one of the minions forced to hot desk on the bench below the wall of intelligence on display?

FilmCraft: Production Design: FilmCraft Series #5

A new book on production FilmCraft: Production Design: FilmCraft Ser… by Fionnuala Halligan is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Given the scarcity of books on this subject, this one will be a welcome addition to the library. The last book to feature a collection of production designers went out of print a number of years ago and now sells for inflated sums in the second hand market.

Designing 007 – Fifty years of Bond Style

I have been lucky enough to design some grand architectural spaces for TV over the past few years, but I doubt that any will ever feel as cool as I imagine designing sets for a Bond movie would. To celebrate fifty years since the release of Dr No, the first of the Bond films, The Barbican is staging an exhibition of the designs behind the franchise.

Update: Just found a little more info on this exhibition over on the BBC website: Designing 007