V-Ray Digital Environments in Looper

Kevin Baillie of Atomic Fiction talks about using V-Ray¬† renderer in their digital effects work on a number of recent films, including some very impressive digital environments for Looper. Scroll to 1 min 55 seconds to get straight to the Looper digital environments, but the rest of the interview is also worth viewing. The interview […]

Bulletstorm v’s Halo 3: Believe TV ads

I hadn’t heard of the game called Bulletstorm before, but this diorama style, TV ad created by New Deal Studios caught my eye recently. In the ad, a camera sweeps through a landscape featuring characters from the game, caught in a frozen moment in time. It is a very deliberate, but playful pastiche of the […]

Dredd 3D – Building Blocks in need of a few real world constraints

  A short, behind the scenes piece on the design and VFX work done by Prime Focus to create Mega City One for Dredd 3D. The filmmakers chose to build their fictional city by adding to the existing fabric of Johannesburg. The realism appears grimier, lived in and more tangible as a result. If I […]