Stereoscopic Tests

As the middle of 2010 began shaping up to be as quiet as the two previous summers I looked at ways to expand on the services I already offered my clients. One client in particular asked me to come up with some proposals for an animation for a mirror maze and this in turn set me off exploring the theory and processes behind stereoscopic 3D. After wrestling with convergence and inter-ocular distances I came up with two main pieces; the first was a new sequence within a mirror maze, the second a re-working of an old architectural walk through.

None of the jobs I pitched for came off but I did at least get to learn something new and hopefully useful for the future. The anaglyph version of the walk-through re-render is here:

Stereoscopic 3D Animation Test – Co-op Bank Walk-through from on Vimeo.

Best played in HD mode and red/blue anaglyph glasses are required to see the 3D.