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  1. A revised, version of the window scene was introduced for Wednesday Sept 5th broadcast. This new version had reduced levels which has helped to pull the whites away from the cyan hues inherent in the plasma screens and and provide a warmer look for the exterior.

    1. Was there ever a possibility for a ‘live shot’ of the capital to be used a la BBC Breakfast or was that out of the question?

      1. Not that I am aware of, but I was only brought onto the project in mid-June, by which time the sets were under construction and discussions about the windows and what would be in them had been concluded. Cityscape type views were never considered during my involvement, instead the space was always to be an enclosed, external environment.

        A live shot remains an option, but would require some extra kit and would change the character of the set. A cityscape would make it more of a loft – bit too Yuppy 80’s?

        1. RE: YUPPY 80’S?

          A stray thought, if there was a separate view that is used for the ‘Newshour’ element of Daybreak it may give the impression of a building:
          ‘Top Floor’: 06:00-07:00
          ‘Ground Floor (As it is now)’: 07:00-08:30

          A bit like with the use of BBC Breakfast before the move to MediaCity, upper levels are used between 06:00-09:15 and the basement levels for the main BBC News at Six as I take into account the larger of the two sets (the two ‘baking tray’ set rather than one).

          1. BBC’s news, Breakfast and newsnight programs were all designed to be different parts of the same building but this was borne out of the sequence in which we worked on them rather than as a conscious strategy at the beginning. Newsnight deviated from this as the design evolved.

            The main BBC news isn’t in a basement, there are tree filled courtyards in two parts of the backdrop environment. We didn’t use windows with external views because this would have required different loops for different times of day – a logistical nightmare! On the other hand, seeing the sky on Breakfast was an asset.

            I don’t think there would be much to be gained by trying to portray different parts of a building on the different segments of Daybreak as the physical set won’t change. Sounds like a lot more work too! Those scenes are blurred to hell but there is a ton of detail in there which hopefully will be apparent when I get around to updating the folio.

            Baking tray? Do you mean the two rostra at either end of the studios?

  2. Yep, it is a mane I have heard used on TV Forum and I call them that from now on. Thanks for the responses. Aaron.

  3. Really like the background, something different to what GMTV had. Would like to see a un-blurred version if you have one that is

    1. I plan to post some un-blurred versions, though possibly of the design development stages rather than the final version.

  4. You posted a design progression of the Daybreak stuff the other day, but it’s gone now. Where’d it go?

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t recall that ever being discussed in any meetings I was in so don’t know who designed them.

  5. Has their been any discussions since about maybe having a different view for summer? It would be great if this was the case!

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