BBC Breakfast, new and part re-cycled

BBC Breakfast Cityscape
Detail of BBC Breakfast backdrop (2009 version)

BBC Breakfast began broadcasting from their new studio in Salford this week. The presenters are backed by a new backdrop played out on a sequence of 103″ plasma screens. This new backdrop isn’t one of mine, but it does re-cycle the cityscape that I painted/montaged for the previous version that first aired in 2009, albeit with a new sky.

BBC Breakfast was broadcast from TC7 in Television Centre at the time and so I had to make use of the Barco video wall. Unfortunately, despite its impressive size, this video wall struggled to reproduce golds and oranges. Instead, you had to live with lime and beige and use complementary and contrasting colours to give the impression of gold and orange tones – hence the heavy use of pinks and blues in the painted sky. The plasmas in the new studio look to have far superior colour re-production, shame I couldn’t have had that colour space to work with in 2009.

The 2009 cityscape painting, patched and inserted into its new home.