Kick Diffuser for Rift Labs Kick Light



The fantastic little Kick Light, an iPhone sized LED photography and video light unit, controlled by an app installed on your iPhone will soon have a diffuser attachment.

No prices or launch dates for the Kick Diffuser have been released yet, but Rift Labs have posted a “teaser” page on their website.

Anybody that has had a chance to play with one of these great little devices will understand that this is exciting news!

Update August 5th, 2014 – After a brief interlude pending a repair on a Kickstarter stage component (see comments below) I now have my Kick light and a Kick Diffuser.  As soon as schedules permit, I’ll be looking to add a review and some test shots. Thanks to Morten at Rift!

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  1. Hi Jim

    The power and the connect buttons on the original Kickstarter version are not as robust as we would like. The space behind the buttons are very limited and we had specified a miniature tactile switch from Omron, a japanese manufacturer that makes really nice quality tactile switches. They were in plenty supply right up to the time we needed to order them for production. Then they were nowhere to be found and had a lead time of 12 weeks AFAIR. Our contract manufacturer were able to find a second source for them. In electronics second source means an identical part form a different manufacturer. As you may remember at the time we were already waaay behind the promised delivery date for the Kick. The backers were getting really really impatient and waiting another 12 weeks for an original switch did not seem like an option! :-)

    It turned out that the alternative were of poor quality something we discovered when people reported problems with the power or connect buttons. We caught some in QA and have replaced the 15-20 units that have broken in the field.

    Since then we have made some changes to the mechanics and the electronics and Kicks that ship today have a switch that are a bit larger and that have good quality second sources.

    I guess this is a typical story for anyone making electronics :-) We’ll repair any broken buttons as quickly as we can.


  2. Morten, thanks for the reply. Mine was one of the original Kickstarter versions.

    Just let me know what I need to do to get a repair and I will place myself in your capable hands. It’s a great light, just can’t turn it on anymore.

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