Spectre – the new trailer has just been released.

The latest trailer for Spectre has just been released this morning. There isn’t much new material in terms of sets or design being revealed, but it does expand on what we have seen in the earlier trailers, and in photos from the set. I definitely want to see more of that Spectre conference space that […]

Trying something new: A 1:6 scale miniature set, with 3D tracking and digital extensions…

Having worked exclusively in digital formats for the past 15 years, I have recently been making a concerted effort to resurrect some of my practical design skills. Around five years ago, I started to sketch more frequently, as I began to take on more of a design lead on projects. It proved a great complement […]

Kick Diffuser for Rift Labs Kick Light

  The fantastic little Kick Light, an iPhone sized LED photography and video light unit, controlled by an app installed on your iPhone will soon have a diffuser attachment. No prices or launch dates for the Kick Diffuser have been released yet, but Rift Labs have posted a “teaser” page on their website. Anybody that […]

The storyboard art of Martin Asbury

Batman Begins storyboard by Martin Asbury I recently spotted some production copies of storyboard panels from Goldeneye for sale on ebay. I was thoroughly outbid as the price of each A4 copy for the iconic scenes eventually sold for more £80 each (not bad for a photocopy with drawing pin holes in each corner. I […]